Jason’s Bulldog Puppy Home

Thanks for visiting our website, We are a dedicated family and have a passion for puppies, we pride in what we do and we are determined to share our love for pets through a business.


For the welfare of our puppies we will not ship before 8 weeks of age and sometimes older depending on his/her weight. We want you to receive an extremely happy and without any health issues puppy. We will only ship a puppy dog according to how he/she is developing. Our vet will have the final say as when the puppy is ready to travel.

There are various methods to get your new puppy (family member) home:-


Pick-Up By Car

You are always welcome to drive to our home and pick-up your new puppy after making the reservation deposit. We actually prefer when you can personally pick-up your puppy whether you travel by car or airlines. But we also understand that this is not always possible. we only accept short distance pick up within the state of .  if you are out of state, we will prefer you have your puppy shipped by air, because its more safe.


Ship By Airlines

Shipping is available to all destinations (except Hawaii) & Canada ( Canadian buyers are subject to an additional $35 cross the border fee). Shipping charges vary depending upon location. The packet includes a bag of the puppy food that he/she is accustomed to and puppy care information. Delivery is typically counter to counter service. Puppies will travel in a pressurized compartment that’s temperature controlled.